Who we are and our focus

Founded in 2012 and launched in 2014 in the heart of the booming start-up hub of Houston, Texas. Fruition Technology Labs facilitates and nurtures the growth and advancement of Life Impact Innovations – a special group of startups that aim to make significant impact in the global commercialization of a business through the utlization of technologies.

We are a dedicated team of venture leads, collaborators and associates that works closely with inventors at any stage of their business through our proprietary 5 Steps to Fruition.

Our Mission

Fruition believes in developing tech ideas into purpose driven companies.

We utilized our proven 5 Step process to not only develop the product but to also build or transform the core foundation of any business idea into a purpose driven organization. Purpose driven companies are proven to hold an un-matched competitive edge, a loyal customer base and a committed mission aligned team.

Our Vision

We envision a world where entrepreneurs and innovators, through the eyes of their communities, develop technologies that address the core needs of the people in view of their cultural, social, economic and political ecosystems.

Our Core Values

Social Sustainability :

The introduction of new technology and new solutions often comes at the price of forgetting the people whom the product is designed to serve. Here at Fruition we focus on long term, innovative infrastructure produced with community input and regular inspirational reminders for the team to ensure we are working for the people instead of getting lost in the process.

Harmonious Partnerships :

Fruition knows that it is challenging to create a meaningful and impactful change by yourself. That is why Fruition seeks to partner with dedicated individuals, business organizations and nonprofits committed to the positive growth and enrichment for all involved parties.

Personal Development: (that sustains change)

Fruition cares not only about the development of new technologies, we place equal importance on the personal development of men and women entrepreneurs who will be the leaders, supporters and innovators of the new business ventures that need to sustain themselves and their future.

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