Interested in becoming a Collaborator?

Fruition collaborators deliver the technical expertise demanded by projects like yours during the third step of the Fruition process, Plan. Hailing from a plethora of professions such as doctors, business professionals, engineers, creatives, market analysts, researchers and other technically-driven professionals, they do everything from create a website to build product prototypes. With their help, your product will start to materialize so you can test, improve and prepare for the next stage in the Fruition process, Build. Depending on your project’s needs, your collaborators can also act as temporary aides or become permanent partners of your project team.

Nenna Okeke

Fruition Focus:Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer. Graduated from Rice in 2012 with degree in Electrical Engineering then went to work for Sercel Inc, a seismic company,for 3 years. Nenna believes that having an open mind is the key to growth and effective collaboration. As she quaoted "Problem solving is key to any engineering discipline and narrow thinkers can't solve problems". For Nenna, Fruition offers opportunities for learning in many different areas and she hopes to expand her skillset. Nenna was Born in Canada (Ottawa) and interesting enough she knows all the words to an inordinate amount of Disney songs!

Jenny Pearson "Wordsmith"

Fruition Focus: Media Coordinator

A former reporter for the Houston Chronicle, Pearson utilizes her skills in AP writing, video editing and photography to provide awesome website content for our inventors’ projects. Currently an instructor for HISD, Jennifer enjoys freelance writing as much as she does maintaining a classroom and is eager to communicate with mentors and collaborators alike to fulfill their media needs.

Tiffany Vo

Fruition Focus: Technology Development and Research in Bio-Medicine

Currently working toward her Ph.D in bioengineering at Rice University, Tiffany has significant experience in the biomedical field through her extensive research projects and prominent internships, resulting in three published manuscripts and a flawless academic record. A diligent worker, she is eager to have the opportunity to work with Fruition Technology Labs to help our Techpreneurs develop their technology and to launch medical projects that have yet to be revealed to the public.

Catherine Levins

Fruition Focus: Strategic Advisor

Catherine Levins (Political Science Student at Rice University)- A rising junior at Rice University, Levins believes that passion and creativity are the two strongest traits an individual can possess. Throughout her studies as a Political Science undergraduate, Levins professes a love for maintaining a well-rounded education, which naturally gravitates her towards philosophy and entry level engineering classes. Her international experience includes a trip to Nicaragua with Engineer Without Borders, where she assisted in the development of a water distribution center. Through Fruition Technology Labs, Levins hopes to gain and spread knowledge by working alongside start-ups that will allow her to work on a variety of projects at once.

Adam Wheeler

Fruition Focus: Design Engineer

Adam Wheeler (Design Engineer for Baker Hughes)- As an engineer for one of the most prominent oil companies in the world, Wheeler is learning quickly what it takes to be a successful engineer. A graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, he believes that the virtues to a prosperous career are a solid work ethic, the desire to learn, and patience. Wheeler claims that the ultimate motivation behind his work is the feeling he gets after tackling a challenge, where he can step back and say, “Wow, I did that, and it’s awesome.” Through Fruition Technology Labs, he hopes to contribute his skills to humanitarian-based projects, claiming that the potential to see his work make an impact on other people’s lives is an enjoyable motivation. Wheeler hopes that eventually his career will whisk him overseas, and his ultimate dream job would be to become a fighter pilot.

Lindsey Adams

Fruition Focus: Office Administrator

Lindsey Adams (Administrator for Fruition Technology Labs)- A University of Houston Senior with a strong ROTC background, Adams currently adminsters to the Fruition Technology Labs offices. With a background in nutrition, Adams had the privilege to intern with the Children’s Nutrition Research Center with Baylor College of Medicine. She also worked as a medical scribe at Memorial Hermann Southwest Emergency Center. Adams believes that hard work, commitment, and passion are the three most important qualities in order to succeed in life. She hopes to build her own business one day, and is eager for the opportunity to help small business's in Fruition Technology Labs to grow.