Investor Connections

Fruition Technology Labs occupies a unique position in the incubator and accelerator marketplace. Like most incubators and accelerators, we provide mentorship, co-working space, valuable industry contacts and fundraising opportunities to advance the commercialization of emerging technologies. But unlike the others, we focus more on emerging technology ideas rather than emerging technology companies.

Our focus on the innovation process versus the commercialization stage makes Fruition the best available point of entry for inventors to build their ideas into Startups first then, later, into thriving Businesses.

Fruition maintains a high-quality portfolio of emerging technology Startups in addition to attracting a continuous stream of new inventors waiting to build a Startup. As an investor in one of our emerging technologies, this means you will be “on the ground floor” of significant growth opportunities.

In order to provide investors the most promising options for high return, our team thoroughly vets all clients before committing to their development. They then ensure each client undergoes our proven methods and processes toward a successful launch in the marketplace such as our “Building Your Startup” training and proprietary “Five Simple Steps to the Fruition ProcessTM “. What results is an exciting portfolio of de-risked Startups from which you can confidently choose your next investment.

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